Time to Ride - Lesbians Mount Strap-On for DP Action

Timea Bela and Diana Dolce are feeling naughty today and in the mood to play. These two college girls are pro's at researching porn tips,and taking their query to the internet, they discover some creative variations of DP and pussy play they can explore today. The Slovakian and Hungarian friends are titty twins with their perky natural tits and petite frames, and our curiosity mounts, wondering what it is they'll decide upon for today's antics .And they'll soon divulge their strap-on that they'll use for double penetration. Oh yeah, baby! But first of course they'll need to prime those pussies with some licking to ensure a smooth n' easy entry. After the pussy eating interlude it's come time to strap-on and saddle up! Straddling Timea, Dana indulges herself in DP reverse cowgirl; the real way to ride dirty! Then we get a private viewing of that ass gape of hers and oh how we'd love to be the second act to that. This scene is crammed with orgasmic tongue and riding action that you just shouldn't miss!

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